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How can I ensure the authenticity of a Memorigin’s watch?

You are advised to purchase the watches at Memorigin’s specialty stores or from authorized retailers listed on our website Worldwide Stores. They guarantee the genuineness of Memorigin’s watches. If you have any doubts on the authenticity of your watch, please feel free to Contact Us. Memorigin’s customer service team will endeavour to answer your queries.

Can I report counterfeit watches?

Should you discover any suspected counterfeit Memorigin’s watches, please Contact Us immediately and provide relevant information in text, image, or video format. We will verify, take appropriate action and get back to your query.

Shopping Online

How can I find out the prices of the watches?

The suggested retail prices of most watches are shown on the Memorigin’s official website. If you would like to ask about a watch which price is not displayed online, please Contact Us directly.

What should I do if the watch that I want to buy is out of stock?

Some watches are not sold online - These will be shown by the ‘Ask for Availability’ button on a product page.  You may click that button to contact us on your interest. We will get back on whether the watch is available and how you can place an order. You may also set up back in stock notifications to snag your favourite items before they are sold out again.

What methods of payment does Memorigin Online Store accept?

Customers can choose to settle the payment by credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal. 

Do I have to register as a member to purchase Memorigin’s watches?

Member registration is not mandatory. When you are ready to check out at Memorigin Online Store, you have two checkout options: ‘Register Account’ and ‘Guest Checkout’. You are recommended to become a member of Memorigin to enjoy the following privileges:

  1. Track your orders and review your order history
  2. Add your favourite items to the Wishlist
  3. Save your items in the shopping cart for later purchase
  4. Receive Memorigin’s newsletters and stay updated on the latest news

How do I redeem the voucher code?

The voucher code is a string of letters and/or numbers which customers enter at checkout to obtain a set discount / other offers on Memorigin’s watches.

The ‘Voucher Code’ box appears on the right side of the My Cart page. You can enter the code in the box and click ‘Apply’. The price will be adjusted accordingly in Summary. Only one voucher code is accepted per transaction, and it cannot be reused in another order. Terms and conditions may apply to each promotion. 

Why would the voucher code be invalid?

Memorigin’s system would automatically identify the validity of the voucher code. These are some common reasons as to why a code might appear invalid.

  • The code might be incorrect;
  • The code has expired or has been previously used; or
  • The order does not meet its redemption requirement

If none of the above applies to your case, please Contact Us for further assistant.

Do the prices of watches on Memorigin Online Store align with the prices at Memorigin Specialty Store?

The retail prices of Memorigin’s watches at Online Store and Specialty Store are the same.

However, special offers may be available in various sales promotions, during which you may enjoy a discounted price on some selected items. You can stay updated with our latest promotions and deals on Memorigin's official website, social media, and newsletters. 

After-sales Service

How do I know if my order is successful?

After you have completed the payment online, Memorigin will contact you by email or phone to confirm stock availability and shipping arrangements within 7 business days. Your order will only be considered successful upon such confirmation.

Can I cancel the order?

Once the order is confirmed, you cannot cancel or make changes to it. You are suggested to review the items in your shopping cart before you checkout and proceed to payment.

What should I do if there is a discrepancy in my order or a quality issue with the watches after I have received the parcel?

Please Contact Us immediately by sending a photo of your parcel and items to  To facilitate the handling of your case, you should also provide your order number and relevant details in text, image, or video format in your email. 

Can I return the watch because of my personal reasons?

Unless the watch is found to be damaged or defective as soon as it is received, the request of returning the goods will not be accepted.

Can I specify a delivery date and time?

Outbound items are usually subject to Customs examination in destination countries. Delivery may also take longer during/after holidays or in severe weather conditions. As shipping delays are out of our control, we cannot guarantee the exact day your parcel will arrive.  However, we shall be in close contact with you on any dispatchment information or update.

Memorigin has engaged FedEx and DHL in providing a supportive and trusted courier service. Should you have any delivery preferences, please indicate them in the checkout process. We will try our best to accommodate.

Warranty and Maintenance

Are Memorigin’s watches waterproof?

Most Memorigin’s watches have a water-resistance of 5ATM. It varies depending on the model.  Although they are water resistant to varying degrees, we recommend you to take off your watch before you bath or swim. It is to prevent the movement from being malfunctioned due to water or steam. To preserve your watch as long as possible, please use a dry cloth for a quick wipe down when your watch gets wet. 

What should I do if I notice my watch has a deviation from the regular timekeeping?

How you wear and use your watch significantly affects the durability of the movement. If you find issues with your watch, please send it to an authorized Memorigin’s service center for maintenance and repair.

How to adjust the length of the strap to comfortably fit my wrist?

You can place the pin of the buckle into the corresponding hole on the strap to size it perfectly to your wrist. If you do not feel right with the standard buckle adjustment holes, you are welcome to take your watch and warranty card to a Memorigin’s specialty store or its authorized dealer. We offer free hole-punching service. 

Do I need to check the watch regularly?

In order to keep the proper functioning and water resistance of your watch, Memorigin advises you to carry out a complete check-up for your watch every 3 to 5 years at an authorized service center to help maintain the top precision and operation of your watch.

How much is the maintenance and repair service?

The service cost depends on the scope of maintenance and repair works that your watch needs. Before carrying out any repair or replacement of parts, Memorigin’s watchmakers would check the watch thoroughly and list out the works required. A quotation would be provided to you and you can choose whether to accept the service.

How long does the service take?

The maintenance generally takes 45 to 60 working days. As the tourbillon watch has a complicated movement, it is necessary to check whether other components are affected by the problematic parts. After the repair works, a 7-day full-scale operational test is required to ensure that the watch functions perfectly before you receive it. You will be informed when your watch is ready for pickup.

Can I get a new warranty card if I lose the original one?

Please Contact Us if you lose your warranty card. Memorigin’s customer service team will follow up with you on the loss and issuance of a replacement card.

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