The renowned stock commentator, Chan Wing Luk (Uncle Luk), partnered with Hong Kong tourbillon watch brand Memorigin for the third time, launching the Luk's Time Series: A Bullish Year tourbillon watch. To make it grand, the product launch was held at the biggest industry event, Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair 2021.

Talking about the newly launched A Bullish Year tourbillon watch, Uncle Luk invited his friend, also an expert in financial management, Dr. Jones Lam, to participate in the design with some fresh ideas. The dial vividly depicts the scene of a “bull” knocking down the “bear” with exquisite carving craftsmanship. While the majestic bull is pouncing on the bear, the front leg of the bull will swing back and forth with any motion of the watch. The rotating tourbillon movement under the bull implies a high inventory turnover and a prosperous economy. The bear is awkwardly falling onto the ground, meaning that the bull market will rage on in the coming year. On the background there is a stock chart with a rising pattern. It can be expected that the value of stocks will continue to grow. On the back of the movement, the characters ‘Chan Wing Luk’ and ‘Designed by Jones Lam’ are carved to commemorate this collaboration opportunity.

William thought that the swing motion of the bull’s leg was a breakthrough. He appreciated the team for spending great effort turning the ideas of Uncle Luk and Dr. Jones into reality.

Uncle Luk donated all his proceeds in this project to Make-A-Wish Hong Kong’s Kids for Wish Kids programme, empowering children to make a difference in their lives. While Memorigin stands for memorial and original, William hoped that the brand could bring hope and positivity to everyone. The committee member of Kids for Wish Kids, Jennifer Cheung, introduced the programme on stage and presented the certificates of appreciation to Willam and Uncle Luk with Madeline Kam, the Executive Manager of Make-A-Wish Hong Kong.


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