Touching CSR Award

Memorigin was granted the ‘Touching CSR Award’ by The Association of Distinguished Corporation to praise Memorigin for its contribution to promoting and executing its corporate social responsibility. Memorigin’s founder, William Shum, attended the ceremony to receive the award.

The assessment criteria are based on the international standard ISO 26000 Clause 6, which is the seven core principles of social responsibility: organizational governance, community involvement and development, human rights, environmental protection, fair operating practices, labor practices, and consumer issues as the evaluation criteria. Regarding the recognition, William felt very honored. ‘The brand name Memorigin is a combination of memorial and original. I hope to contribute to society through the influence of the brand. Enterprises must fulfill their social responsibilities while gaining legitimate profits. Therefore, the brand has been collaborating with different charities on various projects and parts of the proceeds would be donated to those in need. We try to serve the public as much as possible,’ he said.