Luk's Time Series: A Bullish Year Photo Shoot

Mr. William Shum, the founder of Memorigin, participated in a photoshoot with Mr. Chan Wing Luk (Uncle Luk), the well-known stock commentator, Dr. Jones Lam, the expert in financial management, and Ms. Jennifer Cheung, the committee member of Make-A-Wish Hong Kong, for the release of Luk's Time Series: A Bullish Year tourbillon watch.

Uncle Luk talked about how much he loves hard-working oxen. The Year of the Ox also makes it the best time to launch the ox-themed products. He invited his friend, Jones, to participate in the design with some fresh ideas. ‘The best practice in financial management is not buying the stocks when the prices are rising. It is knowing how to adjust your strategies in adversity,’ said Jones. Therefore, he added a bear on the watch design to show a bull-versus-bear symbolism. ‘Bulls and bears fight with each other like the short-term fluctuated market trend. In the long-run, the economy will be strengthened with market growth, he continued.

William said that the team had been very attentive to details in order to perfectly realize the ideas of Uncle Luk and Dr. Jones. While the majestic bull is pouncing on the bear, the front leg of the bull will swing back and forth with any motion of the watch. It represents how the bull market will rage on in the year. The words ‘Chan Wing Luk’ and ‘Designed by Jones Lam’ are carved at the back of movement to commemorate this collaboration.

Uncle Luk has worked with Memorigin twice before. Both times happened during a bull market which was very fortunate. “It’s not that launching a bull-themed watch at the year of the Ox would turn the market into a bullish one. The stock market always goes up and down. It is important to equip ourselves with the analytical skills so that we know how to utilize the bear market with appreciation potential to generate profits when the bull market comes, uncle Luk said with a smile.

In the collaboration, Uncle Luk donated all his design profits to the ‘Kids For Wish Kids’ campaign of Make-A-Wish Hong Kong, helping to realize life-changing wishes of children with critical illnesses. ‘Every person who purchases this watch is contributing to society. We hope the customers will earn much in the bull market,’ he said.

Jennifer said the campaign had helped a nine-year-old kid to realize his dream by bringing him to meet the Pope in Vatican, Italy. The Pope sent his blessings to heal this sick child in person.