Memorigin is the first Hong Kong brand which only produces tourbillon. The marvelous oriental sculpture merging with western top art of watchmaking creates a tourbillon watch which has strong Hong Kong cultural character and is a blend of oriental and western cultures. Memorigin uses its in-house movement with its production process strictly controlled so that craftsmanship and quality are sanctioned by international professionals. All Memorigin watches are used with high quality materials from different countries; it has been arranged meticulously from a small part to the complete watch.

Memorigin tourbillon watches are designed by Hong Kong top designers and collectors with innovative concepts. Besides the traditional elegant style, it also adds cultural elements into the design, leading the oriental art to be international. In additions, Memorigin has a unique word carving technology: words can be engraved on the movement and can be preserved forever that the watch becomes unique and memorable.

Tourbillon Movement

Presented before you, is one of the most engaging movements in watchmaking history; the tourbillon, a mechanical marvel that enthusiasts around the world are eager to acquire and speak of highly.

A revelation when it was first developed, not only for the visual impact that a rotating tourbillon mechanism can have, but also for the sheer genius of its mechanical ingenuity that allowed for more accurate timekeeping. The rotating tourbillon counteracting the unfavorable gravitational forces of the earth that normally affects other mechanical watches.

Tourbillon Movement

The continued fascination of the tourbillon lies in its original scarcity and complex mechanical movement. Between 1821 and 1895, restricted by manufacturing technology during that century, the global output of tourbillons was merely 500 watches. While modern technological and production advances have meant more connoisseurs now have access to this mechanical masterpiece, the complexity and fascination in the tourbillon mechanism has endured and remains a milestone in horological excellence.

Design Concept

Designer: Mark Lui
The designer – Mark Lui first coordinated with Memorigin for launching a timepiece. He aims to design a modern tourbillon watch, but it should be embraced with a classic appearance. Although this timepiece is prestige, the rugged elements are included, that is main point to differentiate it from the tourbillon watch in the market. With coordinating with Memorigin, Mr. Mark Lui was inspired by the philosophy of the brand - a fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern forward thinking. Especially, he is the person that as tourbillon watch is a delicate machine, it will be a great achievement to pursuit the accuracy by using the tradition mechanical engineering. As these inspirations came up in his head, he develops a concept to let the elements of “Steam-punk” inject in the watch design.

To talk about the “Steam punk”, we should trace back to 19th century. People invented different steamed mechanisms in the environment with full of constraints that created the fantastic era. Every machine was well-designed - strong function and gorgeous appearance creating this golden era. This masterpiece – “The Time Machine”, applied this concept behind; Not only is it for the time reading, but it is also a masterpiece with rich design concepts. All the good time will be in your hand.

The Time Machine

Details about “The Time Machine”
At least 188 pieces of subassembly module and 21 jewels
Frequency: 28,800 Oscillation/Hour
The tourbillon located at 12 o’clock rotate at a speed of
60s for one circle
60 hours power reserve
24 hours indicator
Co-axial Tourbillon
Twin mainspring barrel
Power reserve indicator
Day / night indicator
The balance wheel and the escapement system
encircle the center of balance wheel
Crocodile leather strap (large-grid)
Both sides sapphire crystal



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