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Thursday, 30 June 2011 14:34

Movement is believed to be the soul of watches. Our service of carving special wordings or names at the back of the movement aims to bring everyone the real meaning of originality. MEMORIGIN aims to bring the only original memory of time, and the word carving function fulfill this difficult task. Here are several examples from our customers that demonstrate the importance of word carving.

1. H.O.P.E.


Each of our watches not only aims to record time, it also aims to gather memories that are the most significant in your life.In the picture above, it is a watch ordered by a family: H.O.P.E. represents the four family members: Harry (husband),Olivia (wife),Patrick(son) and Elaine (daughter). By wearing this watch, each family member always tastes the everlasting happiness of hope provided by the love of the family.

2. Hangzhou City Political Consultative Conference Member Watch


By this word carving service, it is open to any associations/clubs to have a club/company watches. This sample is for the Hangzhou City Political Consultative Conference Member Watch. We offer wholesale prices for associations depends on different quantities.

3. Forever Love


For couple tourbillons, word carving of each other 's name or the promise of love on the movement is equal to carving onto each other 's heart permenently. In this story, the chinese word of "Forever Love" is seperated to carve on each watch. When the lovers wear the watches, they can always taste back the love, the happiness of that moment: the scene, the sweetness all rushes back to their minds immediately. MEMORIGIN believes that: love, should be eternal.

4. Successfully Quit Smoking


It is carved the chinese word of meaning of " Successfully Quit Smoking". It is a client who bought for her father. As her father successfully persists on quitting smoking for three months, here is a gift to boost his motivitation, to encourage him to carry on. MEMORIGIN is not just aimed to be a watch, it wants to restore a determination, a persistence in order to realize a dream!

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