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A story sharing with Memorigin
Thursday, 09 August 2012 12:31

(Memorigin| 8th August, 2012)

A story sharing with Memorigin


This is a story from a Memorigin's fan

Recently, we received a letter from a customer who has bought Memorigin’s tourbillon watch. In the letter, it is a story about our customer’s family – Eddy’s family. In this story, a kind of selfless love penetrated from those words. If you read it, you may feel warm and touching. Here is Eddy’s story, please enjoy…

2010 is a year of miracle that my dreams all came true. Mike, my son, was born in this year. Besides, Memorigin started to be launched to the market in this year. ……..

When you read this passage, you may wonder what the link between my son and a watch is. Simply, this is a story between our family and Memorigin. I want to devote a best gift to my son. It is a treasure that my son can pass from generation to generation. Now, Mike is 2 years-old. In these 2 years, there were full of joy and tears. It is the great moment to witness Mike’s growth. His tears and his smiles teem with my heart in these 2 years.

When I saw his sweet sleeping-face and his cheerful smile after feeding, every single facial expression of him triggers my heart beating and violating. With Mike, I feel that life can be that simple to be happy.

In 2012, our family’s big day, it is Mike’s birthday. My wife and I want to give Mike a special and unique present. A present can pass over many generations that transfer an important and unique message – Love. Luckily, we found a tourbillon watch company called Memorigin. A local first tourbillon watch in Hong Kong, a delicate masterpiece, was launched and very popular in the market. Through reading its brand’s history, we appreciate the philosophy of Memorigin very much. Coincidentally, Memorigin was established in 2010 which match my son’s date of birth. Thus, we decided to choose Memorigin’s tourbillon watch as my son’s birthday gift.


Among different tourbillon series of Memorigin, we choose Starlit Legend Series. By watching its escapement system, its delicate movement and its gear rotating, we believe this watch has a soul that implicates the spirit of selflessness. The design of dial is galaxy alike that dense stars cover the sky. We wish Mike soars in the galaxy creating unlimited possibility to realize his goals in life. The decoration of mother of pearl is marvelous that makes me to love this watch deeply. It tells people to find out the importance of time value, taste the love and thus cherish the invaluable memory.


The word engraving technique adds an extra value to the tourbillon. We ordered a tourbillon watch that carved “L.E.M” on the movement. For “L.E.M.”, it represents our family members: “L” for my wife (Leng), “E” for me (Eddy) and M for my son (Mike). To commemorate this year of his birthday, this watch will be reserved as a gift for Mike to wear when he grows up. In another phase, “L.E.M.” has a deep meaning which is a beacon for his life.

For “L”, it means “Learn”. We hope him to have a heart for learning that becomes an intelligent person.

For “E”, it means “Enthuse”. We want him to get full passion in his life that becomes an optimistic person.

For “M”, it means “Merriness”. As parents, our best wish is that Mike can be cheerful anytime in anywhere.

As parents, we wish him to enjoy a great journey for his future. A healthy mentality determines people’s thoughts to be satisfied and successful easily or not. This watch is the motto for his life.

P.S. I deeply appreciate my wife, Leng, who has taken care of Mike for 2 years. Her effort has brought him a happy childhood.





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