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MEMORIGIN is awarded "2011 Hong Kong Creative Cultural Brand" by Capital Entrepreneur Magazine
Thursday, 10 March 2011 10:30

(we:WONWON online portal | March 7th, 2011)

MEMORIGIN is awarded "2011 Hong Kong Creative Cultural Brand" by Capital Entrepreneur Magazine



 MEMORIGIN’s Ma Gu Shou Xing Antique Series is sparkling inside the exhibition


(4th, March, 2011) The Ceremony “Entrepreneur Night 2011” held by Capital Entrepreneur attracts around 200 Businessmen and Media to attend. Prize winners' companies includes Chouette  Watches Limited, Eastern Worldwide Company Limited, Mikli Asia Limited, 0101HOST, DBS Hong Kong, Neo-Neon LED Lighting International Limited, Nippon Paint, Charles Schwab Hong Kong etc. MEMORIGIN is awarded "2011 Hong Kong Creative Cultural Brand" because of its word engraving function and the crossover with China Ancient Antique.

The shining star to the exhibition is the display of antique series alongside with the real antique from MEMORIGIN. This Ma Gu Shou Xing Tourbillon has 3D 18K solid gold engravement on dial which simulates ancient wood carving antiques from collector Mr.Shum Mak Ling. Collecting this watch is as precious and invaluable as collecting the thousands of years of that antique. Inherited from the Feng Shui features of the antique, it provides the blessing of longevity and healthiness.







During the ceremony, General Manager William  Shum talks about the upcoming one year's development: " We will have more crossovers with China antiques collectors to broadcast the essence of Eastern Craftsmanship. At the same time, we will cooperate with Macao Creative Industry Association to hold a design competiton in China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan to build up a Macau Tourbillon Brand.“


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