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MEMORIGIN is awarded " An Honor to Watch Industry" by Hong Kong International Antique Watch Association
Friday, 11 March 2011 00:00

(we:WONWON online portal | March 8th, 2011)

MEMORIGIN is awarded " An Honor to Watch Industry" by Hong Kong International Antique Watch Association



On 5th, March, 2011, Hong Kong International Antique Watch Association invites Hong Kong Tourbillon Brand MEMORIGIN 's Honorary Advisor Mr. Shum Mak Ling to talk about MEMORIGIN's establishment and share his more than 20 years' experience of China Watch Industries Investment. Hong Kong International Antique Watch Assocition is established by sophisticated watch collectors in Hong Kong. They have many years of antique watch collection experience with strong expertise in every brand's history and specialty. They are specially concerned about China's watch industry, especially eager to understand the reason of significant progress of China Watch Market. Currently in China there are mainly 6 to 7 big watch factories, and Mr. Shum has been the shareholder of Hangzhou Watch Company Limited and was the shareholder of Suzhou Watch Factory ( where famous China watch maker Qiao Dayu had worked for) for more than 20 years. He concludes about the sprout of China Watch industry: "As the time being, China 's big watch factories only have six to seven left. Because of the high cost of machinery, land and watch labor, the entry barrier of watch factory is very high. At the same time, the boost of domestic consumption policy by China Government causes the watch market a huge and healthy potential for domestic brands to develop.‘

During the presentation, Mr. Shum shares with the collectors about some of MEMORIGIN tourbillon models. Collectors show strong interests and admiration towards its design, accuracy and craftsmanship. Some of them bought Auspicious and Antique Series back. In order to appreciate MEMORIGIN 's spirit of supporting Hong Kong China domestic brand, Hong Kong International Antique Watch Association honors MEMORIGIN the prize of " An Honor to Watch Industry".





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