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Memorigin won the champion of the "HSBC Youth Business Award"
Saturday, 27 October 2012 11:37

(Memorigin| 26th October, 2012)

Memorigin won the champion of the "HSBC Youth Business Award"


The founder of Memorigin, William Shum, has won the champion of the "HSBC Youth Business Award".


All the guests and the award winners were together for taking a photo. We are honored to receive the trophy from Mr. John Tsang Chun-wah, the current Financial Secretary of HKSAR. (front left three).

Among all the strong companies, it was encouraging that Memorigin was selected as one of the final 5 companies of the "HSBC Youth Business Award". In this amazing journey, Memorigin reached the destination with the ultimate gold metal. This award motivates Memorigin to go forward and explore more about Hong Kong art.


Mr. Hon. Ronald Arculli, GBM, GBS, JP Director, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited) and Dr Rosanna Wong, DBE, JP Executive Director, The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups) are admiring Memorigin tourbillons. They are the main judges of the competition.


Memorigin Shum ‘s family is taking photo with Ms Shirley Yuen, CEO of Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce

In here, Memorigin sincerely thanks the support of every of our fan. For this gold award, it is a kind of recognition and encouragement to Memorigin. In order to keep going and improving, we definitely will work hard and explore more!

To appreciate this recognition, Memorigin adheres to the theme of “Hong Kong Cultural Art” as company’s core value. We will strive to present the best tourbillon watch which belongs to Hong Kong.


MEMORIGIN Founder Mr. William Shum is explaining the tourbillons to Mr. John Tsang Chun-wah, the current Financial Secretary of HKSAR and Miss. Anita Fung, Chief Executive Officer of HSBC Hong Kong.


Introduction to the "HSBC Youth Business Award"

Organised by the HKFYG and solely sponsored by HSBC Business, the "HSBC Youth Business Award" further promotes the culture and practice of entrepreneurship. It aims to:

-- Recognise young enterprises that are pro-active, innovative and/or offer exceptional services

-- Recognise the determination, creativity and accomplishments by young enterprises

-- Offer a platform for start-ups to exchange and enrich business knowledge

-- Promote public recognition of the contribution made by young enterprises to the local economy, which in turn can enable a culture of entrepreneurship to flourish in the society.


Facebook page of the "HSBC Youth Business Award"


Press release about the "HSBC Youth Business Award" result

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